Traditional wood-fired oven

Baked the old fashioned Way


100% Handmade & Organic

100% Organic

The ingredients that we use have been grown only with approved organic farming products.

100% Cretan

Made of the most pure and exquisite products of the Cretan soil.


100% Handmade

All our products are hand-made.

100% Traditional

Traditional family recipes that were passed from generation to generation.

Traditional Cretan products

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Rusks from Emmer wheat

Emmer wheat or farro (triticum dicoccum) is perhaps the most ancient cereal and an essential component of the ancient diet. It is also called "ZEIDOROS" (the one that gives life). It was one of the first grains that people cultivated. Signs of its use date 10,000 years ago and have been found in excavations all over Greece and Asia Minor. The cereal triticum dicoccum has survived till our days as a small scale production in Greece, India, Turkey, Germany (Bavaria), Italy, and elsewhere. Its nutritional value is indisputable.